Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm coming up for two weeks of doing a detox thing - yay! I know detoxes aren't things you're meant to be excited about (and no, it's not a drug or alcohol one, thank-you very much - it's a food one ;), but it's been really enjoyable.

Admittedly, it started by default by not eating pretty much anything for a week after my lil' puppy was put down. But I've also been reading a detox book written by the partner of Morgan Spurlock, which has almost entirely put me off of so many foods just by reading it - there's such a lot of really stupid stuff in food.

Some people might sort of think that the healthy food thing is rubbish or just for tree huggin' lefty greenie hippy commies or whatever, but it's not just tree huggin' lefty greenie hippy commies who are saying we should look at the way we eat. Just read an article about a new scientific study that's been conducted on hot dogs* that say the little bags of God-knows-what may contain DNA-mutating compounds that might boost one's risk for cancer, with a 240-fold variation in levels of these chemicals across different brands.


Just glad I'm vegetarian (yes, now feel free to go wild with your hippie tree huggin' lefty greenie prejudice right now. Although I do lean somewhat left and think we should work on saving the environment (seeing as we don't have another lying around spare)). But still, even within vegetarianism, there's loads and loads of bad things you can eat...

But to go all Reader's Digest about it, enjoying the detox, have been reunited with my long-lost love of dry roasted almonds, discovered dried blueberries, am smitten with the way biodynamic zucchinis taste when sauteed with caramelised onions and basil, nearly puked when I ate some mac cheese the other night (which was disturbing 'cos I used to love it!) and am thinking maybe there's something to this whole detox thing.

At least it's made me truly realise how much we massacre our tastebuds all the time and that you should so be making your own gourmet food! *lol*

*The food, not the host of any deeply annoying late-night quiz shows that make you wonder what happened to the state of Australia's home-grown tv talent.


Kaisa said...

Go the detox... Ok so I havn't ever done a detox don't know how doubt I would be allowed; but still I agree with the whole if you don't know what is in it don't eat it. This does not mean if you read the ingredients it is ok if you look at the ingredients half the things you don't know what half the stuff is with out a chem book.
So if you don't mind I am going to go kill myself a little beef.

Della said...

Well, it's brave of you to be doing home-slaughtering if you're gonna kill it yourself ;)

But yes, there are astounding amounts of chemicals in foods that you'd generally tend to think wouldn't really need chemicals. And unfortunately, a lot of chemicals are used on fresh fruit and vege. Ikes!

Kaisa said...

Tell me about it I plan on growing my own... least if it gets buried in shite you will know about it.

whole new topic that though isn't it.

Della said...

*lol* So very true...

Fertiliser aside, home-grown fruit and vege is so much nicer.