Monday, July 31, 2006

I think this was one of the most fantastic weekends, really.

Friday... You can't beat shopping and finding funky things you wanted (apart from boots, but the season is going in to Spring/Summer, so that just has to wait). And a downright hilarious vid of a coworker of a friend doing downright hilarious things ~ muchos gracias to Drewsy for that! *mwah, mwah*

Saturday... Catching up with friends. That was just so much fun :D

*insert wild happy dancing*

Oh, plus another hilarious vid from Drewsy, which has been duly forwarded to loads of people who will never, ever look at hamsters in the same way again... (hello there, my name's Harry the hamsters, and I'm looking for a female...)



Sunday... Well, it was a Sunday. Did the yard work, took the dog for a long walk in the sun, took pix of things, did a whole lot of cooking, made bread (for the first time ever), relaxed, enjoyed things. And the did have those issues with 3 mobile lying weasle-pants line and whatnot, but that seems fine now (lying weasle-pants!).


Clare said...

Hamsters were scary enough already..

Thanks though. could make any day better... gotta store it away for a sucky moment. :D

Della said...

That's all good! I'm doing the same - it's viewed in moments when I need a good laugh. Or pretty much any time...