Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yesterday's blogs...

I wrote these yesterday and meant to post them on here, but didn't, so here goes anyways :)

Christmas tree rage!!!

While shopping, I noticed they have CHRISTMAS TREES IN THE SHOPS ALREADY!!!

What the ($*#&(*#@&$!?

It's JULY!

Plus there's decorations, too. This has to be totally insane. But seeing as they had hot-cross buns in stores in January, which was months and months and three eternities before Easter, why am I surprised?

Still, doesn't it kinda make Christmas just seem like a total crass commercialisation?


How peculiar o.0

For once I'm hoping my mate Bill's high because he just said he and I should get married and have kids. Or that I should at least move back up to Sydney to live with him *lol*

Too many people are suggesting the kid thing lately. Lord knows why. Not my idea of fun, really.

And I think I need to start brushing up on my German if I'm meant to be going to Germany next year. So instead, I'm watching Spanish movies *lol*

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