Monday, July 31, 2006

Robert Fiske's report from Lebanon tonight on SBS news was really interesting and brutally honest, which was refreshing.

He called both Hezbollah and the Israelies liars, which they obviously have been about many things in this war, and discussed the way that there was only going to be more hatred created by everything that's happening there. He also showed some newspaper articles with pictures of dead Lebanese children who'd been killed in Isrealie bombing raids.

Then we get news of the disgusting anti-semitism and anti-Muslim sentiment from people who are taking extreme actions, like those who attacked the Sydney synagogue. Kind of reminds me of an article that was in The Age (I think it was? Might have been the Sydney Morning Herald) about how this war has brought out the bigots on all sides *sigh*

No-one's doing the right thing here. How difficult is it to work for peace anyways? Can people just not be bothered making an effort? Do they just not care? Or do they really enjoy seeing little kids bombed to bits?

Maybe this is just taking a simplistic view-point, but really couldn't people make more of an effort for peace!?

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