Wednesday, October 04, 2006

As part of any healthy diet regiem, you need to eat a balanced range of foods. Today I have not done this. No-where near, in fact. Today I have had:

> Nearly half a block of Cadbury's chocolate mousse chocolate
> One Splice exotic fruits ice-cream
> One Snak Pack chocolate custard thingy
> Some honey-centred Butter Menthols

Quite delicious, quite bad for one, quite the tonic when it comes to curing the desire to scream and/or scream loudly enough to shatter glass, quite not what I had in mind when I started the day. But it's hot and Summer-like today.

However, it is time to think about changing the diet totally and utterly just in case I'm diagnosed with any of the delightful immune system genetic whatever disorders my Mum's just been diagnosed with (so far). I'm waiting for the rest of her results to come in before I head to my doctor and ask them to remove blood and test me for a multitude of things that are guaranteed to shorten life and make having offspring difficult to potentially fatal.

Happy thoughts!

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