Friday, October 06, 2006

Still haven't managed to eak out the article on love, mainly because I can't find a way to put any of it into words that make sense. Besides, what is love? What does love do? What does it become?

Utter ecstacy, the highest point of our beings.


Blindness, foolishness, loss.

Unrequited, unfulfilled, unfair?

The care of another.

Family, friends, pets, books, flowers, sunshine...


God, I don't know. I can't think of what to write or what to say about it, at least not in any fashion that's coherent. But the night is no longer young and I should probably be doing that thing they call sleep.


Melody said...

one opinion that could help?

Della said...

Thanks, Mel!

Although I did only check my blog after I'd written the article (six hours of writing and editing and hunting for quotes and texts, etc - reminded me of uni), I think I might have taken a different approach to the article if I'd read your blog post - a good approach to romance :)