Friday, October 13, 2006

Sir Charles! Wait!

Three kilometre walk resulted in finding a gorgeous rose bush growing by the side of the road and "borrowing" a number of flowers from it, which are gracing the dining room table. They're a gorgeous yellow and pink kind of rose.

*happy sigh*

Now watcing Midsomer Murders. Very glad to not live in a town like that (fictionalised as it may be). How much would it suck to live in a town where everyone wanted to murder each other or something?

Although we have had a peeping tom, axe murder, drowning death in suspicious circumstances, etc within the past year and a bit :-p Then there was that bag of clothes in the front yard... Hmm!

Midsomer Murders is rather odd, though. Not that odd is a bad thing generally! The British are always rather creative with their programs.

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