Saturday, October 07, 2006


Great, the series final of Dr Who (Doomsday) is only half-way through and I'm already reaching for the tissues. Rose's dad always makes me think of my mate Danny, who I have to call sometime.

And by the end, there's about half a box less of tissues left (and no, I didn't eat them or turn them into a large decorative sculpture).

The Doctor almost told Rose he loved her and the whole "I'm burning up a sun just to say good-bye" thing made me cry my heart out because how much would you give to be able to spend even just two minutes saying good-bye to those you've loved and lost?

Plus the Cyberman crying oil! That was so sad.

And we had so better be getting the Christmas special, goddammit, or I am going to be so unimpressed.

Now I'm gonna go hunt for more tissues! I'd sworn I wasn't going to cry over it, but somehow Dr Who's managed to get tears out of me in its past two series. Sly devils! :-p

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