Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sweet fancy Moses in a hat o.0

I read Kristin's blog yesterday with her entry about the sexualisation of children by companies in their marketing and products (following the report about it done by Dr Emma Rush, which has unsurprisingly got retailers into a fluster of oh-no-we-don't-isms), and was reminded of it this morning when there was something on Sunrise (I wanted the weather info and not to watch Today for it) about a spin-the-bottle Bratz game for kids aged 6 and up.

A little scary. And of course, probably just some kind of marketing thing to get media attention and whatnot. But hello? Morals anyone? Do the people who make the toys for that company not have children? Or do they think, "Yeah, great, I think I'll encourage my eight-year-old to go home tonight and snog some boys. And maybe some girls. And include a bottle somehow. Oh my God! Marketing idea! Call Raoul in the marketing department RIGHT NOW!"


kris said...

why is it a bottle that is spun? wouldn't it be more usefull to get one of those spinny wheels with an arrow...similar to the ones used for twister?

could it be that the bottle is a sinister symbol for something else?

[said somewhat tongue-in-cheek]

Della said...

Tongue! *gasp* Evil minx that you are... *lol* (jk!)

Thinking of it, a Twister-style thing would probably make more sense than a glorified old Coke bottle sprayed silver ;)