Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Caution: rant

Kaisa and I were just talking about being independent as women and how people can make bizarre assumptions about you because you don't rely on guys to do things for you or whatever (following some recent posts on the Forum), and it reminds me of something I was going to write a blog about last week!

It's a bit of a rant, but yeah.

The other week, an older guy I know said that I must be "23 going on 40" because I owned a house and was working on it and the gardens. He assumed I must have a husband to help me with it, because "girls my age" don't do that kind of thing - according to him, we're too busy going out while living at home with our parents and spending all our money on stupid things. I'd have to have a husband to do something like be a home owner.

It made me cross.

Another thing with the home owning lark that bugs me is other guys going on and on about how wonderfully independent I am. Okay, it's a compliment and I should appreciate it. I'm always curteous with my replies when a guy says anything about it to me, but it annoys me at the same time because I so often want to just say, "Do you THINK I have a choice in this??? I'd love it if I had a husband who could help me out with things around the house, but there isn't one. I do everything myself because I HAVE to, not always because I want to."

Oh, and let's not forget how guys go on about how they'd love to be dating a girl who's independent and intelligent and sassy and whatnot, but end up choosing the bimbos while we intelligent, independent women go, "Riiight... Anyone for some chocolate then?"

Don't get me wrong, I love being independent generally. But there are some moments when it would be nice to be able to rely on someone else. And then at other times, there's the issue like Kaisa writes about in her blog, which also sucks.

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