Saturday, October 07, 2006

...the expectations of [an] ordinary life:
getting a job, getting married, getting a house, having children.
But the real world is much stranger than that; it is so much darker, madder,
and so much better...

Hmm... *ponders*

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Kel said...

ah, an ordinary life
perhaps a trap to lure us away from imagining something more adventurous, crazy, different

then again, an ordinary life is probably defined very differently in various parts of the world

Kaisa said...

Ordinary Ha who would want that. Live on the edge; burn down the school; ask him out; do a sisnt in gaol.... And no I never take my own advice

Della said...

The whole "ordinary" versus "extraordinary" life thing is interesting, because as you said Kel, there's lots of different definitions everywhere as to what it is or isn't!

We probably live far more ordinarily than we'd like to believe, and often just slip into doing so while we're dreaming of doing other things. To be able to make the dreams come true is the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary, I think :)