Monday, October 09, 2006

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die?

Ahh, the delicious irony of McDonalds ads during the ad breaks in Super Size Me last night! Particularly for their "Make Up Your Own Mind" campaign.

Having seen it before and read Morgan Spurlock's partner's book, I figured it wouldn't hurt to watch again seeing as I'm thinking about dietary changes (although I don't really eat fast food - there's not really that much on offer for vegetarians).

I still find it amazing that people want the quick fixes to their fat issues rather than doing the hard yards and making changes to their lifestyles. There's anything from pills to magnetic earrings to gastric surgery and so much other stuff that promises instant shedding of the pounds (ooh, an all-milkshake diet! What a smashing idea... Or how about you only eat fatty things? Great!).

Weight takes longer to get rid of than put on generally, and it kind of seems like people just don't want to go down the path of eating healthily and exercising for 30 minutes every day. Sure it takes a bit longer and it's hard and you get sweaty and your muscles ache (or scream at you "What are you doing to me!?"), but it's a healthy and natural approach.

Most of us probably aren't eating fast food every day (or even every week), but there are probably loads of other unhealthy food choices we're making. I guess that's where I need to assess my diet and work toward changes.

So I'm starting today (because that "I'll start tomorrow" bullsh!t is exactly that - bullsh!t).

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