Monday, September 18, 2006

50 Years of Mind-Numbing Things

Wait, that makes it sound like I don't love television, when the fact is, I do indeed love television. Particularly because it's provided us with ABC and SBS and not just because of BBC drama series and "artsy" French films.

Didn't watch the 50 years of a box with a screen on channel 7 last night because I do believe I was doing something else at the time. Or watching that thing about the worst jobs in history with Tony Robinson (love his work - especially those cunning plans) while being so very glad I'd not eaten dinner yet.

Anyways, looked at some pics from the event this merry morning. They're generally disturbing to say the least.

Exhibit a: Belinda Emmett.

Cute dress and pretty brooch, but she looks as though she was caught by the photographer in a moment when she's expressing the desire to gnaw through something and then beat a number of people with a gold Logie or two (maybe one in each hand, arms flailing like a windmill).

Exhibit b: Someone from Home & Away.

Make that someone from Home & Away looking like an anorexic tangello. Fake tan = bad! And if it's a real tan, you'd wonder whether she crackles when she walks. Surely people would have learnt the orange skin look is only for those with jaundice or Z-grade British celebrities.

Exhibit c: Jennifer Hawkins.

Although she's probably quite lovely and gets invited to school formals by teenage lads, the dress reminds me in the most stiking way of an ice-block that used to be around when I was a wee kiddy back in the mid/late 80s. Something involving citrus flavours. Not nice.


Clare said...

I remember that ice-block. it was a horrible one. would go for the creamy ines just to avoid it.

Della said...

Yes, it was one to be avoided. My tastebuds shudder at the memory.