Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some really do like it hot

At the end of a news report about global warming on the news tonight, they mentioned George Bush's February hour-long meeting with Michael Crichton, who wrote State of Fear, a novel that tries to sh!t all over global warming concerns (ooh, it's really the environmentalists who are doing it! People who like the environment are soooo naughty, they should just go to their room and think about it - naughty wee devils).

Apparently he hasn't yet met with scientists to seriously discuss the matter or something like that. So I really hope that Bush does something about those damn dinosaurs on that Jurassic Park island once he's done with the War on Terror thing. They're a freaking menace! Particularly those raptors... Maybe call in Sam Neill or someone to help with it.


*sigh* And I can so see why one of my friend's sisters has a crush on Anton Enis. He's so gorgeous! And that accent... Yes, noticed it before, but I'm so sleepy at the moment and just had to comment about it. And I can't believe that doing a google search for how his name is spelled brings up Democrat's senator Andrew Bartlett's blog as one of the results.


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