Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Open Blogging Letter to SMH

Dear Sydney Morning Herald,

As long-time readers of your newspaper and website, we have noticed your recent trend of increasing your stable of blogs and "opinion" work, particularly on your website. Currently, there are 38, yes, count them, 38 blogs on your website.

Does this mean that there will soon be an SMH blog for every Australian, which will make sure that none of us are left behind in a way that Bob Hawke could only have dreamed about?

As bloggers with more than five year's blogging experience between us, and having written an advice column for a number of years, we believe we would be excellent candidates for your current penchant for blogwhoring. Admittedly, we would prefer to write about subjects we have some knowledge of, but we're also not adverse to branching out and blathering on about subjects completely unknown to us (and maybe dress up as a man - if others can be that unoriginal, surely we can too?).

We have noticed that you seem to be missing something for those in the 19 - 25 age group . As we are both young and fit into this age bracket, we thought we could write about things facing youth of today. Things like university, job hunting following uni, youth culture and various other twee things, perhaps involving relationships or penis size. After all, you gotta give the public what it wants, do you not?

We hope that you consider our proposal, flippant and somewhat sarcastic as it may be.
Della and Clare


Kaisa said...

As I am first here i think I shall begin the chant.

"Send it!
Send it!
Send it!
Send it!
Send it!
Send it!
Send it..."

The Editor said...

Send it!

If I want to read a blog the last place I'll go is a mainstream media outlet. And I certainly don't want to read blog posts like this (as most of them are):

So, did you all hear about this? What do you think?
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Della said...

Sorry, Editor, the link didn't work. Can you repost?

Della said...


Excuse my brain malfunction there! This is what happens without enough sleep and coffee...

But yes, most of the SMH/The Age blogs are of the "So did you hear women like shoes/men name their bits/television is going down the gurgler? Share your thoughts now in a forum where you can argue with each other and be heavily moderated!"