Monday, September 25, 2006



Just read an article in The Age about how this coming Summer is going to be the most horrible, horrendous bushfire season for a long time and that makes me rather worried. And I think it really is time to work on getting things carted away from around the property.

The past weekend *was* going to be a time for working on the yard and getting things into some semblance of order but we had gale-force winds happening ALL WEEKEND. So very unimpressed by that. Although there was one mildly amusing moment when I was standing at the bedroom window, gazing at the trees being thrashed around in the wind, and the most enormous tree branch flew past the house in a rather graceful fashion and landed on the back lawn on the second level down.

Although it did break one of the garden walls... *sigh*

But yes, the bushfire thing has me mildly frightened. I do live in a wooden house, there's bushland all around and I have the strong desire not to burn to death or see my home and contents incinerated. Oddly enough...

So it's time to get hunting for some Jim's Mowing or whatever people, break out the cheque book and part with the sheckles as well as copious amounts of leaf litter, branches, twigs, etc that have chosen to "grace" the back yard over Winter.

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