Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What's that distant whirring noise I hear?

Hmmm... No, it's not the sound of the Easter Bunny coming to visit us in a helicopter... (maybe I have had too much Lano & Woodley)

Maybe I'm just grumpy because the last strawberry I ate at lunch was a bit plastic-tasting compared to the ones before it or because I really dislike Justin Timberlake's music, but I hate it when people say things like, "I'm bringing sexy back," as Timberlake is meant to have said about what he's doing for the world with his album or songs or something.

It just always makes me think, "What, where has it been? Was it on a caravan and tenting holiday to Broome? Why were we not informed that it was gone? I hadn't seen anything about it on that show about missing persons that was on - why?"

Plus there's something with how he wants musicians to change what they do because they hear his album? Yes, can just imagine all of them going, "My God, what we've been doing 'til now has just been plain wrong, wrong, WRONG! Justin has shown me the way!" accompanied by the sound of pages and pages of scores being ripped up and thrown around the room, and the far-off whirring noise of Bach spinning in his grave.

And doing a brief ode to Smells Like Teen Spirit at his concerts? Justin Timberlake paying tribute to Nirvana is... argh! Don't get me started, especially after I had the misfortune of flicking through channels last night and seeing 20 to 1 totally and utterly missing the point of that song and grunge and everything. You just kicked my childhood, Channel 9! What's next? Bagging out Fraggle Rock?

*deep breaths* *ahem*


Ben said...

It's strange, I sorta kinda don't mind listening to that song. Yes, you may kill me now.

Della said...

As in the Justin Timberlake song? o.0