Saturday, September 30, 2006


While clearing the front yard this morning/afternoon, I uncovered a bag of clothes buried in a shallow "grave."

They were rather old and the plastic bag they were in had started to break down, and the only reason I really noticed them is because a flourescent yellow centipede crawled out of the bag when I raked over it.*

Rather a surreal moment... I'm digging around afterwards thinking, "Great, so when's a body going to turn up?"

With all of the junk that I've uncovered in the gardens on the property with my gardening adventures to date, I kind of wouldn't be surprised if there was something like that around!

*This is in the area of the garden under a lot of bushes and trees that I've never done any work in before.


Kel said...

hmm, might be time to have a chat with the previous owners of the house ;-)

Della said...

I did ask one of them ;)