Friday, September 08, 2006

So many pages, so little time

Being a book lover, this thingy appealed to me. Really, you can't have too many books (unless you also can't fit into your house). All of those pages and pages of papery, wordy goodness... Mmm...

One Book That Changed Your Life:

Hmm... Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder is one book I remember reading when I was a fair bit younger that made me look at the world differently and fostered a fascination with philosophy.

One Book You Have Read More Than Once:

Jane Eyre. After reading it for the first time in Year 12, I've read and re-read it far too many times (and still love the Beeb's production with Timothy Dalton, too). I'm not a romance novel kind of person, but Jane Eyre is so well written and fascinating, plus the romantic elements of it aren't bad.

One Book You'd Want On A Desert Island:

Robinson Crusoe for the irony? Or Building a Raft from Desert Island Materials and Successfully Navigating the Seven Seas for Dummies? A copy of all of the scripts for Lost? If none of those were available, something long, interesting, has human interest, history, etc. Or Jane Eyre, in case I was on the desert island for some time!

One Book That Made You Giddy:

I'm assuming it's not from having it lobbed at your head. But there have been quite a few. Pretty much any of those books that present thoughts, whether in fact or fiction form, that make you sit back for a few moments pondering the concepts. The Solitaire Mystery wasn't too bad for that.

One Book That You Wish Had Been Written:

Tough question. Would the right answer be one by me? ;)

One Book That Wracked You With Sobs:

There have been a couple, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Usually it's the sort of ones that kill off favourite main characters.

One Book You Wish Had Never Been Written:

Anything Mills and Boon. Or generally those ones with men in pirate shirts on the front and rippling muscles beneath. With a woman with a dress on that makes you go "Whoops, popped out again, 'scuse me while I stuff 'em back in" clutched in their arms.

One Book You're Currently Reading:

I'm a person who never has only one book on the go at a time. The most smarty-pants kind of one is Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton. Although I'm also reading Martin Chuzzlewit, Book of Lieder and The Magician's Nephew and am gagging to find a copy of Our Mutual Friend because I haven't read it in years.

One Book You've Been Meaning To Read:

Loads. I own more than 700 books, have read them all and really should re-read them. I've been meaning to read more classics and try to one day finish Anna Karenina because so far I've only ever managed to get a few hundred pages in before quitting and wanting to go drink a lot of vodka. While in the Russian spirit, I also have to one day tackle the basic Russian textbook from my Mum's highschool days and see what there is to be learnt.


Kaisa said...

How come How to kill you husband never made it onto that list? Should I be worried?

Della said...

Because it's my list, not yours? :) And also that I haven't started reading it yet.

Kaisa said...

So it doesn't even fit under meaning to read :P

Clare said...

you should join me in meaning to read 'I, Pierre Rivière, having slaughtered my mother, my sister, and my brother--'
*evil laugh*

Della said...

You're a worry, Clare :D

Clare said...

Its part of my sociology class.
but i do like alot of those true crime stories that you findd out all the motivation and stuff.

Della said...

They can be interesting, but sometimes a little depressing.

Clare said...

Which makes it a good time for chocolate and chik flicks.. mainly so i can sleep...

Della said...

Ooh, good idea. Maybe that would help with the insomnia issues as of late.