Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Love Spicks and Specks, particularly for the following comments made tonight by a rather hilarious New Zealand actor whose name has escaped my mind:

"We can thank the Greeks for this song, because 3000 years ago, they invented thinking."
"The early bird gets the worm, but I'd prefer eggs and coffee!"
"Rome wasn't built in a day, but I bet some of it was"
"A good man is hard to find, especially if he's hiding... in a field... with combat gear on... and a fake beard..."

Yes, yes, sad, but good for a laugh.


Ben said...

I like, I like.

Della said...

So did I! I think his name was Jessie Griffin? Him talking about trying to do dreadlocks was amusing - with his red hair, he said his head looked like a novelty Scottish hat or something like that.

Kel said...

I saw that too and thought he was brilliantly funny

I wonder if he has a disc out?

and if you like spicks and specks have you discovered RockWiz on Sat nite - ABC or SBS?

made in Melbourne so you could even get into the audience - now that would be a fun night out!

Della said...

You'd kind of hope he would have, or there might be some of his things available online to download :)

Oddly, I've never really gotten into RockWiz, but should probably try it again. Just tend to flick after Iron Chef, though!