Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's a show about nothing... how will we know when it's over?

Because I've done some angsty whinging about fire season/bushfires/burning to death/hating computers lately, I thought it was time to share the love and write a list of things I'm lovin' at the moment.

> Mark Latham releasing another book, entitled A Conga Line of Suckholes. Because it's just going to be bad. Bad in a snarky "I lost the election and if you keep staring at me, I'll break your @(#*&!(^!#^ cameras!" way. Although I don't much like the grumpy gnome with hairy caterpillar eyebrows who's the current PM, there's probably a number of reasons to be glad Latham didn't make it to the top job. Or there might be a lot more smiting going on in the country. Not that there's not an abundance of that anyway. Oooh, that hurts my brain, I don't like any of them or what they've been doing to the country. Must stop thinking about it!

> Having Thursday off last week. That was awesomeness in a day entirely. And I have a new frying pan, which is heavy enough to stun a dugon, should such a need to do so ever arise.

> Not being the only one who doesn't really like the Sam blogs on SMH (they're inflicted on us in The Age as well). They're mostly loads of codswallop, as my dear departed Nanna would have said, full of stereotypes, unoriginality, mysogynistic twaddle disguised as general twaddle, sexism, etc. And have about as much journalistic integrity as a koala in crack. And all the blog-humping that goes on with the two Sam's stuff. Ew! So don't need to know! Fairfax, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? You didn't used to be too bad. Why are you shattering my girlish dreams relating to not-so-shabby journalism? Yeah, sure, blogs are great, I love 'em (look, I'm writing one - huzzah), but on a newspaper website? Just lacks a bit of class.

> Dried blueberries. Cannot emphasise this enough. They are fantastic. And pistachio nuts. And roasted almonds. And dried paw-paw.

> Hilarious TMI from friends. You know the kind that has you both in stitches laughing outrageously, even though it's so very wrong.

> Fairly Odd Parents. Yes, yes, kid's show and whatnot, but it's my Friday afternoon brain candy and usually makes me laugh. And why not enjoy some silly things now and then? :)

> Fiddling around with the radio and finding Thomas the Tank Engine being read on a station. No idea what station it was, just some random little one. Was mucking around with the car radio in my office mate's car yesterday and the TtTE thing was the first station I stumbled across. Kind of scary. Not a fan of talking trains. Also found a station playing loud wailing music/chanting (which may or may not have been a call to prayer?) and someone singing like a scalded cat with its particulars in a rat-trap before realising it was Jimmy Barnes. That clears that up then. And almost two years after moving to Victoria, I found JJJ. Used to listen to it slavishly, but haven't done any radio listening for that almost two year period. Might listen to it again, but probably won't. Will avoid TtTE


Kaisa said...

I love fairly odd parents. I want fairies! It is not a kids show. I am 23 and I would watch it all the time if I was at home when it is on.

Della said...

Put a tape in and record it? Or buy the DVD if they have one of the series. Very, very funny show :)

Kaisa said...

When I was running vocation care our unofficial theme song was the fairly odd parents theme song. We sang it and sang it and sang it and sang it and it was stuck in my head for like 2 months after it.

Della said...

Well, what can you say? Timmy is an average kid...