Monday, September 18, 2006

Somehow thinking of television and Tony Robinson got me thinking of childhood shows that I absolutely loved and the show where he used to tell stories and wander around a garden sprang to mind, along with something with frogs and custard and the words, "Plop... plop... plop. Right into the custard..." and you just knew that it wasn't going to end well for them (although I think that it did?).

So it was time for a google search, where I found out that the show was called Tales from Fat Tulip's Garden. LOVED that show :) And most of Tony Robinson's other kid's shows, like Blood and Honey and the one about Joseph and his military coat or something and one episode that started out with, "It had been a lousy week for Potiphar, all his bills had come in at once, the roof was leaking..."

Then somehow that all triggered a memory of the show called T-Bag, which I also loved (and thought the guy who played T-Shirt was kind of cute - that's him above in that schnazzy blazer - ikes!). Ooh, ooh! And Puddle Lane!!

And Scooby Doo, without Scrappy of course. And The Addams Family, a multitude of cartoons on Agro's Cartoon Connection (although I didn't like Agro), The Muppets... oh-so-many shows! All so funny. Happy memories.


Kaisa said...

Hey I reconise that little Red head... I don't know why... btw is it a guy or a girl?

Della said...

Ermm, both were blonde, but if you mean the one in the green, that's the boy. If you mean the one in the dress, it's a girl. Stunning deductions, I know, but yes :)

clansi said...

you have no idea how excited I just got reading the names of those shows!!
I totally loved Tony Robinson's kid's shows, and man o man T-Bag and the others were awesome too!

One of my favourites however was RAGGY DOLLS

SugarPuff said...


I just looked up Puddle Lane and I REMEMBER IT!

I am so excited - the cauldren and the SPELL DRAGON and the majician.....

sigh, to be a child again

Della said...

Gosh, I'd forgotten about the dragon! Childrens shows were pretty great when we were younger. And some aren't too bad these days :)