Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ministry of Silly Raindances

Funny writing about the need to do raindances over Summer earlier, and then reading the news about Malcolm Turnbull and the Office of Water something-or-other and then thinking, "Great, I can get him to do the raindance stuff for me. Wonder how much he charges per hour?"

The ridiculous thing with all of the drought and horrible weather and whatnot that Australia's been experiencing is that the Prime Minister still isn't really acknowledging global warming and isn't doing anything toward the Kyoto Protocol (which even Russia had the decency to sign). Saw him on Lateline the other night saying something about how reducing fossil fuel usage isn't a good idea because wouldn't help Australia in the short-to-medium-term or something like that.

I will admit I am confuzzled by this (and it was late at night, so maybe I sleepily hallucinated it or dreamt it entirely... ikes. Was it even the PM? Brain, stop failing me! And stop demanding more sleep!).

Anyways! In the short term? The SHORT term? No, no references to the PM's height there, but does this man not think, "Sure, not great for the short-term, but by golly I reckon it'd be just great for the long-term." Unless he just wants it warmer and warmer for an eternal season of cricket?

And why does it make me think of Hamilton Johnson in Fletch Lives when he's revealed as the one dumping toxic waste around the area, saying something like, "It'll be alright, Momma. We'll get far away from this chemical swamp and just sit back and watch them all de-com-pose!"?

There might be some disagreement about whether or not global warming is a fact, but the climate change we've experienced is very much real. So why not try something to at least see if it'll work to make it less of a problem? Better than having increasingly hot Summers and sod-all rain.


Anonymous said...

an eternal season of cricket?!?!?!?
Nooooooooooooooooooooo! What about real telivision?
Oh, and nearly forgot the heat.. that would suck too..
better do something about that...

Della said...

As much as I love cricket, it would be boring after more than a few months. Plus I don't know if Richie Benaud has enough coats in various white shades to cover that. Would he have to branch out into darker shades for Winter?

Year 'round heat would also be unappealling. Although it did basically happen this year here - the Winter was surprisingly mild. That's nice while it's happening, of course, but bodes very ill for the Summer.