Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hello and welcome to the kelpline...

For the life of me, I find it very hard to get excited about a lot of things that others doing detoxes or going vegan or are vegetarian or anything like that get excited about.

Example #1: kelp granules.

Yes. Bits of kelp. Something in my brain wants to scream and convulse in a non-good way about that, even though I love seaweed-based jelly (particularly the ones sold in the Asian grocery stores at the Central Markets in Adelaide).

My Mum bought me a box of kelp granules to assist with the detox thing about a month ago and I still haven't been brave enough to open the little packet within the box. Although if their objective is putting me off of eating, they manage quite well. Just one look at the mangled kelp puts you right off dinner.

I suppose I really should throw it away. But maybe I'll take the plunge and try it and it won't be too bad. Or I might even start liking brussel sprouts. There's a first time for everything!

But I believe that's often one of the things that's probably heard before imminent death, like, "Hey y'all, check this out!" or, "I bet I can make this in one jump on my motorbike!"

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