Monday, September 11, 2006

Enter Spring, cue green bag population explosion

The past weekend was a rather lazy one, apart from finding some motivation to begin Spring Cleaning in the kitchen (which got sidetracked by going through the recipe books and cooking far too much and ending up with a full freezer).

The most frightening thing, apart from an ex-broccoli in the fridge, was the proliferation of green bags in the ex-pantry area. There were about 25 of the things and I have the sneaking suspicion that they've been breeding, which would explain the noises that come from the kitchen at times that I had been attributing to the 'fridge.

Solution to the overpopulation problem? Use them to put all of the stuff to donate to St Vinnies in! I'm pretty sure that once I get to tackling the other rooms, there's going to be plenty of stuff that puzzles me deeply as to why I own it and will subsequently be stuffed into a bag and sent to a place where random things are truly appreciated and have a dollar value...

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