Thursday, September 14, 2006

Apart from the sound of my all-together too early alarm, the first thing I heard about this morning was about the shootings at Dawson College in Montreal. Don't particularly like seeing pics of a covered body early in the morning, shooting sprees are scary and sad, plus almost all of the Canadians I've met in my lifetime have been absolutely fantastic people, so it saddens me that something like this has happened :-/

This is all on the same day as I hear there's news of a Port Arthur massacre-inspired movie being planned. Mmm, tasteful. But I'll admit that the guy who's planning it, Luke Farquhar, has a point when he says that humans are the biggest threat to other humans.

As humans, we do seem to have a penchant for killing, and most often it seems to involve other humans. Particularly those who are "different" from us or who hold differing political, religious or whatever views (just think of the death squad stuff happening in Iraq at the moment that's seeing bodies turning up on the streets of people who have been tortured and shot in the head).

But religious/political extremism aside, it's sadly often people's loved ones that get bumped off, with most murders being committed by someone known to the victim.


In other more cheeful thoughts, I'm willing to admit I did get a giggle out of hearing that Naomi Robson from Today/Tonight and her crew were arrested in Indonesia, which is uncharitable and so on of me, but really, T/T has the shonkiest "journalism" (if you can even use the term with that show) and if they're not willing to follow proper processes with the laws of other countries... Well, tough.

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