Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sleep is not the enemy!

Well, my voice is back.

But I had to go home sick yesterday from work around lunchtime. Managed to get myself into bed and slept from around 1 'til 7.30pm, which made me miss Futurama (although they've gone back to really old repeats)! And my guilty pleasure of Neighbours (it's in the so bad it's good category of brain candy), but c'est la vie.

After a couple of hours up pottering around in that kind of dazed post-long-sleep mode, I went back to bed and slept 'til about 6am. Had the strangest dreams the whole time... The sort of things that would make Freud bite his pencil in half. And take that as you will.

As an aside with dieting thoughts, A balanced approach by Bridget McManus was interesting. The whole detox thing is going well, although the weekend saw WAAAAAAAAAAY too much chocolate involved (heh, was worth it).


Kaisa said...

Chocolate way to much chocolate where why wasn't I invited I was at your house all weekend I didn't see to much chocolate... I am sure we could do better next time... :P
I had fun though on the Weekend


Della said...

It was a lot of chocolate by my standards. How they have slipped!

Kaisa said...

Then again you are talking to the girl who eats Coffee Shots (choc covered coffee beens) like she'll never get anymore. Wait it is so true; I should save one.

Della said...

And keep it in a glass case!