Friday, September 08, 2006

A dingo took my chicken!*

While spring cleaning, I've been watching the repeat of Insight. A guy on there was speaking about corruption and how the occasional person is pulled up and prosecuted for it, and used the phrase, "killing a chicken to frighten the monkeys."

Having never heard the phrase before this year, it's been something I've kept hearing all year from various random people. Hurrah for the resurgance of somewhat bizarre phrases, I suppose.

Guess it wouldn't work to alter it for the Australian market, though, because koalas probably wouldn't give enough of a stuff ("Go away, busy sleeping, don't touch my leaves"), dingos would do it themselves first and just look at you with a look that says "I'm still hungry and incidentally heeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!" and feathers in their teeth, and kookaburras would only laugh.

*Unoriginal, yes, but it's a Friday and my day off.

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Kaisa said...

I am really confused can we go through that again?