Thursday, September 14, 2006

I've been asked to write a feature article about the squishy, warm, fuzzy, smooshy, wonderful thing called love (aka: lurrrrrrrrve, luv, schnookums, the thing that makes you feel like your heart has turned into a million butterflies and pushes the words "I love you" to the tip of your tongue) for a Valentine's issue of a mag. Can't you just feel your heart pounding in excitement right this very instant!?


Sorry, just being a little flippant, as usual. Realistically, I'm not entirely sure what to write about. Not that I don't like love or have a Scrooge-worthy attitude to it, it's just that it's... feelings... Yes, I'm a girl who doesn't like to talk about feelings.

But I'm sure that there's an angle with the love thing that would work nicely. Larie suggested looking at love in the 21st century and modern approaches to it, which could work very nicely indeed! Muchos gracias!

Still, kinda ironic for a single person to write about love for Valentines! But it will be fun.


kris said...

This sounds bizarre but i think that single people are more qualified to talk about love than people with partners. Single people have the advantage of being able to see love from many different angles while a person with a partner is more likely to see love in a romantic relationship but miss other forms of love.

Della said...

Hmm, so we end up being more objective because we're single? Not a bad idea there :)