Monday, September 18, 2006

Following Saturday and yesterday's "What Weekend?"-a-rama, I saw smoke billowing up from an area around my house when leaving the seminar. Although my officemate had told me earlier in the day that burning off was going to be done on the mountain behind my house, my heart still leapt into my mouth when I saw it.

The bushfires in January were really rather scary...

But the burning off was being done by the CFA (God bless 'em!) and it was oddly comforting to know that they were working to minimise bushfire risks for the coming Summer, which the neighbours have been making dire predictions about. Plus it was gorgeous once the sun went down and the trees that had been burnt were glowing like sticks of amber against the night sky.

And I was kicking myself for not bringing the work camera home!!! The photos on my phone are fantastic enough, but don't do it justice. Plus it would have been interesting to see how images would have turned out from 4am when the wind picked up and fanned the flames to life again.

I'm most certainly not looking forward to Summer, even if it brings cricket, mangoes, raspberries and long days. I don't want to burn, and I don't want my house to burn either!

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